Complete the project in chapter 4 of your textbook (go


Complete the project in chapter 4 of your textbook (go to your e-book, click on chapter 4 project in the table of contents). Make sure you complete both parts 1 and 2. You may use Excel or Word’s tables feature for the charts and graphs. Answer the questions in  Microsoft Word document. If you do use Excel, make sure you upload both the Excel and Word documents to this assignment folder. All questions should be answered fully with your BEST COLLEGIATE WRITING SKILLS. You will be graded on your writing and grammar, as well as whether you answered the questions correctly, AND how much economic content you incorporated into your responses. Although we will be in the classroom for two hours working on this during finals week, that will not be sufficient time for you to complete it in its entirety. Therefore, you have until midnight on the Friday of finals week to submit your completed project.

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