I most definitely did not know this was going on.

I most definitely did not know this was going on. It is sad albino people are being attacked and even murdered just because of their skin pigmentation. To make things worse, “witch doctors” are in charge of the attacks due to thinking it brings wealth. The children and families that are survivors of these attacks have to reconstruct their life and battle on everyday, and that is no way to live. Also, having to move hours away and live in isolation and sometimes the parents leave their children. It is heartbreaking for these children because I know this can psychologically impact them. I cannot imagine living behind high walls and bars so I am not attacked by a money hungry witch doctor. Many people stated during the interviews that they do not look at albino people differently, even though it is clear they are treated different by some. These are children that cannot help they are albino; they are humans just like everyone else. Although there are resources available for the albino community such as the vision program and charities that support families of attacks, the government isn’t providing many resources, or a stop to these attacks. I think it’s good doctors provide free consultations to the albinos. One man stated until the population buys into the effort of eradicating these attacks and/or murders, the government will not enforce any laws. The government needs to make it illegal for these attacks and make it illegal to sell and/or purchase body parts for money. If it were me, I would look into different communities that have the same beliefs as me (eradicating the attacks) and create a committee that can go to a much higher authority to state our opinion and why it should stop. Also, finding support group communities that could offer coping skills to children who have been attacked or even witnessed someone who was attacked. I think keeping the resources they have will always benefit the albinism in the community, however enforcing laws to stop the attacks will ease some of their worries and need for some resources such as the charity for families that have been attacked. 

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