Summary Using a Virtualization environment, you are required to plan,




Using a Virtualization   environment, you are required to plan,   install and configure both   a Windows Server and a Linux Server and Test for connectivity between the two   servers. Write a Technical Report detailing your Design, Implementation and   Testing.


Task 1

Draw a diagram showing your Virtualization   Solution. Clearly identify all the   physical and virtual hardware used in both your Host and Virtual Machines and   for connectivity between the two.  Also   include VM Names and TCP/IP configurations for both computers. (10%)


Task 2

2.1 Install Server 2019.   Perform Post Installation Configuration tasks including renaming host and   configuring TCP/IP.

2.2 Configure File   Services. 

2.2.1 Using Powershell,   create the following folder and file structure:

2.3 Backup all files in the Introduction to Windows   Server directory to a backup directory called “backupwindows”.


Task 3

Linux Computer: (30%)

3.1 Install Ubuntu 20.04   Server. Perform Post Installation Configuration. Configure TCP/IP.

3.2 Create the following   folder and file structure using BASH

3.3 Backup all files in   the Introduction to Linux Server directory to a backup directory called   “backuplinux”


Task 4

Testing (5%)

Test that both Servers can PING each other. 


Task 5

The report should follow the format of a   business style report and should 

contain the following: Introduction, Body   (List of Tasks required, Design Diagrams, Implementation Screenshots and Code   with explanations, Conclusion and Bibliography. 

As it may not be possible for you to   demonstrate your solution, screenshots of your completed tasks will need to   be submitted. If necessary, you may be asked to explain your design and implementation.

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