Select and answer one of the following questions by Friday

  1. Select and answer one of the following questions by Friday at 11:59 pm:
    1. Involvement of community coalitions and consortia in the implementation of health programs has become widespread. What would be possible and appropriate measures or indicators of having implemented community coalitions or consortia as part of the program delivery?
    2. What would you suggest as methods and techniques to avoid the failure of interventions? Justify your ideas in terms of the various ways that interventions can fail.
    3. To obtain accurate measures of coverage, what information systems and data collection methods need to be in place? Which steps can ensure that these elements are put in place in a timely manner?
  2. Respond appropriately by Sunday 11:59 pm



  1. Please start your Discussion with the Question so people know what you are discussing. 
  2. Initial Post Due Friday 11:59 pm, Secondary Sunday at 11:59 pm
  3. Look at the rubric below to see what I am looking for. 
  4. There is no specific word count, but 200-500 words are probably adequate. 
  5. Secondary responses. 
    1. To get the credit you must engage in discussion.  This is your main assignment for the week. “I like what you said,” “Great article” or similar are not adequate responses. 
    2. A response has no specific word count, but likely 50-150 words are adequate.   

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