Architect michelangelo building :laurentian libary, s lorenzo.

Description the goal of your investigation is to be able to describe specific architectural characteristics of your selected topic. • Include: o Time frame o Include the architect’s (names, dates, nationality, environmental aspects or individuals that influenced his/her work) o Describe architectural materials, methods, styles, or details unique to the architect o Provide example(s) of his/her work o Describe architectural materials, methods, styles, or details unique to the building o Describe any organizing principles of the design such as axis, grid, symmetry, horizontal or vertical o How the building is located on the site, if that is significant o Is there any cultural significance of this building? o How was the building used? Did that change over time? o Explain terms, concepts, or methods that are unique to the style and structures o Provide images of the structure The content should be written in clear, concise, well written, detailed paragraphs. Have a minimum of 4 pages, not including the title page and reference page. Use images to support the written text. Insert pictures or diagrams into the text where appropriate. A full page of images does not count as part of the 4 page minimum.

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