‘Parental Involvement, Cultural capital and educational success’


Title: ‘Parental Involvement, Cultural capital and educational success’

For this project could you please look at the previous dissertation & feedback before writing. By reading the previous dissertation you will get a very good idea of what the project is about – a very basic discourse analysis that shows how educational/social/cultural capital/privilege is perpetuated in educational contexts. Please could you analyse the data from two very different female participants, analysing how they reflect on their academic experience in relation to power dynamics. I would like for the thesis to mainly adopt the thinking of Bourdieu, while also making reference to studies by Diane Reay (all can be found in the bibliography of the current dissertation). I will send additional recordings if you find anything that is relevant in those recordings please apply it to the dissertation – I will then transcribe later. FIND TRANSCRIPT ON THE BOTTOM OF THE PREVIOUS DISSERTATION You will also find an essay attached on politeness in the workplace (professional discourse) – can you please replicate the style and tone of this essay! – this is imperative. Please focus on Bourdieu and his educational theory – Reay also. Any scholars who deal directly with power dynamics in relation to identity. 

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