The Deadly Infrastructure and the Nile River Pollution in Cairo.

The Megacity is: CAIRO Goal: Formulate a case study that addresses two urban issues relating to your megacity. Role: You are a civil engineer and expert on urbanization as well as the opportunities and challenges megacities have to offer. Audience: Your audience is both the government of your megacity and the wider public. Situation: The government has hired you as a special consultant to help your city better understand its current situation and what policies will be advisable for it to adopt going forward. You need to complete a case study of your megacity that includes recommendations for actions the government might take to deal with the challenges it is facing or may face in the near future. Product: Your final product should be a case study that is clear, concise, and illustrated with visuals (i.e., diagrams such as those we have worked with in this unit and any other visuals you think will be effective) in bringing home your point to the audience. 1. A brief analysis of the development of your city. This should include: • The location of your city • How and when it was first settled (i.e. site and situation, the phase of urban development) • An explanation of what factors lead to the rapid growth of your city? You should include relevant population data (if applicable). 2. An analysis of the city’s urban land use. • Which urban land use model does it resemble? 3. Describe TWO current challenges your city is facing or may face in the near future? 4. Discuss some of the work that is already being done to address these challenges and importantly, evaluate their success. • Offer some suggestions or strategies that are not currently being implemented within your city. • Draw on strategies that have proven to be effective in other urban centers (this should be supported with research and data and documented). • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each approach? Are they sustainable? Are they realistic in your city? 5. Looking ahead to the next fifty years, what do you predict will be some future challenges and opportunities your city will encounter? Will your city continue to grow? If so, do you think your city will be able to manage such growth? Remember to support your ideas with evidence.

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