Transitions in tourism, leisure & events

Assignment: transitions in tourism, leisure & events

The researcher will be working on an article / case study. The researcher works on a critical analysis of a case. This case study is based on a contemporary (complex) tourism management problem/issue that is related to leisure, tourism or events to acquire understanding in the societal forces and the policy and policy making process according to the themes as discussed in the classroom, and to take a critical stance and to write an argument that gives suggestions for change or improvement. The case study consist of a transition that has taken place in the past or is taking place in the tourism, leisure or event industry, particularly to overcome (complex) management problem/issue. The goal of the assignment is that researchers show that they are capable of describing as well as analysing a transition in practice, using the theories and appropriate sources. The output is a short research article/paper. See for example Hartman & De Roo, 2013, Towards managing nonlinear regional development trajectories, in Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, 31, pp. 556-570 . The research article/paper should follow a (relatively) standard structure of a research paper as outlined below: Outline of research article / case study

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