Pls respond to this discussion question: 200 words; 2 references in 7

Pls respond to this discussion question: 200 words; 2 references in 7 seven years

Nursing is an independent profession that is based on professional and scientific practices. Thus, it entails advancement of scientific theory (Reed, 2019). It includes philosophical outlook as inter-modernism in developing the material, configuration, and process of scientific theory. Nursing practice in DNP is supported by framework that advises theory elaboration, validation, and implementation. Furthermore, in nursing profession, recognizing the correlation between theory and practice is fundamental. In order to perceive the gap that exists between theory and practice, it is imperative that they examine the foundation of nursing profession. The science-based theories and middle range theories are useful to DNP-prepared nurses because they are narrower in defining the phenomena, and do not present a broader explanation of the overall framework of concepts. They will be able to stipulate profound comprehension and enhanced insight when implementing it in their nursing practice (Reed, 2019).

Currently, nursing has a great prospect to show nursing as a profession that embodies both science and art concomitantly, to interconnect to the global society the intellectual aspect of nursing, the scientific basis of nursing practice (Fawcett, 2020). Nurses play a paramount role in the healthcare arena in promoting health and preventing disease. Moreover, DNP nurses play a great role in being pioneer nurse scientists that translate research and generate new middle-range theories and ensure evidence-based nursing practice is implemented within their clinical practice. The fundamental goal of their work is formation of guidelines for practice. The translation of research conducted by DNP nurse scientists is targeted to enrich the quality of life of the community they assist who seek their service (Fawcett, 2020).

The science-based theory useful for DNP-prepared nurses is clinical caring science which is considered to be human science-based theory substantiated in scientific standards (Rehnsfeldt, Arman, & Lindström, 2017). Clinical caring science pursue idiographic disparities of ontology, concepts, and theories, that are devised by caring science. The validation for this is the perceptiveness that research questions stay fixed when they are adopted into diverse contexts. On the other hand, the academic theme includes a model direction with ethos concepts, core and basic concepts, and practice concepts, this in turn all amalgamate the systematic caring science with clinical caring science. To Comprehend the concept associated with clinical caring science, it is important to understand the scientific-based caring model. All concepts are unified with each other. An evidenced-based project in clinical caring science can be initiated anywhere on the concept arena, providing none of the components are barred out of the concept as an entity (Rehnsfeldt, Arman, & Lindström, 2017).

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As a medical professor, I fully agree with the statement that nursing is an independent profession that involves both science and art. Nurses play a crucial role in the healthcare arena by promoting health, preventing disease, and providing evidence-based care to patients. In order to provide the best possible care, DNP-prepared nurses must utilize both science-based theories and middle-range theories. These theories allow them to have a deep understanding of the phenomena they encounter while providing care.

One science-based theory that is useful for DNP-prepared nurses is clinical caring science. This theory is grounded in scientific standards and pursues idiographic disparities of ontology, concepts, and theories that are devised by caring science. By utilizing this theory, DNP nurses can provide evidence-based care that enhances the quality of life for their patients. Furthermore, by conducting research and generating new middle-range theories, they can help to bridge the gap that exists between theory and practice.

I believe that recognizing the correlation between theory and practice is fundamental to the nursing profession, and I encourage my students to examine the foundation of nursing to better understand this relationship. Through this understanding, they can provide the highest quality care to their patients and make a meaningful impact in the healthcare arena.

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