“An Analysis of the Total Profits Reported by the Big Three Auto Maker

Your paper must have a clearly defined objective. The research component requires that you specify a methodology to accomplish your objective. In addition, you must provide a section on “literature review” where you can quote other works on the same topic. Provide a “Reference” section at the end of your paper with at least 3 references including reference to a scholarly book or a scholarly journal. Topic: “An Analysis of the Total Profits Reported by the Big Three Auto Maker during the past Year”. Note: You should be able to obtain data on costs and Revenues of the Big Three (General Motors, Ford and Fiat Chrysler). Analyze the data for a meaningful conclusion. write an essay using the following guidelines.

The paper length is at least 8 pages. The focus is on your ability to analyze a microeconomic topic. Graphs and tables will enhance the quality of your paper and may be part of the minimum page limit; however, references and footnotes must go to the end of the essay. The structure of the paper is Introduction and Objective, Literature Review, Analysis, and Conclusions. introduction should be just 1-2 paragraphs long and must contain the objective of your paper. It should explain why the topic is relevant and what is the research question. The literature review section is a review of similar works done by other authors. Here, you must quote references and link those references in alphabetic order at the end of your paper. The economic analysis section is your answer to the research question you set out to investigate. You should be able to use key microeconomic terms (TR, MR, MC, TP etc) to analyze the data and all information you have in the argument. Use APA style consistent with economic analysis. Be sure there is a strong connection between the introduction and the conclusion. Use font Times New Roman, size 11-12 and double space. Written Assignment Grading Standards Points Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling APA style for citations and no sign of plagiarism* Clarity of objective, introduction, conclusion and strong connection between introduction and conclusion Economic analysis using economic principles Empirical evidence that supports economic analysis Overall quality of conclusion 

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