Elements of Conflict Paper – Conflict, Negotiation, & Resolution

This short paper is designed to further your understanding of Wilmot and Hocker’s definition of conflict, help you analyze these concepts in a real-life confict; and improve your competency at managing conflict. PROCESS: First, identify an example of a conflict you have personally experienced. Second, Analyze your perception of the conflict, using the text’s definition. Third, analyze the other person’s view of conflict, according to the five elements.

You can do this by (a) directly asking the other party or (b) making your best guesses about how he or she views the conflict.

Write a 2-3 page paper that summarizes both your view and other’s view of the conflict, identifies areas where you and the other could improve the management of the conflict, discusses the role perception plays in conflict, and reflects what you have learned by completing this process.

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