Financial information for decision making (ACC10007)


Based on your analysis of relevant information relating to Super Retail Group, you are required to prepare a structured report (see recommended structure detailed below) with a focus on the profitability, operating efficiency, liquidity, gearing and cash flows of the company. The profitability, efficiency, liquidity and gearing of the company should be analysed using the required ratios. Firms are accountable for generating profit with the assets employed. In addition, the firm must pay its debts as and when they fall due. An analysis of the Statement of Cash Flows is also required. Use the data from the financial statements in the annual report to calculate the ratios. 

Your report should cover a 3-year period for the years ending June 30 2016 to 2018, and should be sufficiently broad in scope to demonstrate your understanding of findings following the analysis.

See links to Annual Reports below: 


I uploaded each of these links because it want allow you to access let me know if  they are not clear. df   

2017:  2016:  



you also need the year 2015 because you are required to calculate the average figure from the end of previous year so the 30 of june 2015 to plus the end of the current year 30/6/2016 and devide that by two.


Other information in relation to ratios is you need to look at the companies and see whats happening in the industries, what’s the expected average for the ratio for that particular industry 

Then you can compare that to the ratio looking at the super cheap.

So because figures on their own don’t mean anything , you have to compare it to something and see weather its better than what’s expected. Is it over the last 3 years improving or getting worse.



Submission considerations:


Word limit 2,000 words (excluding tables, graphs and appendices, title page, executive summary and bibliography). 

All references should be appropriately acknowledged.

Please be careful as the teacher stated we are not required to purchase any particular database if there’s any data you need please don’t hesitate to let me know and I will get that from my uni library

As soon as I can.

It might be difficult to decide with what industry you going to compare this business ratios against with so let me know encase if you experience any difficulty .


Other types of useful information may be available from the following sources;  o DatAnalysis Premium – A Database accessible through Library, useful for ASX Announcements, company history, annual reports, directors and management etc

Industry context: Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), IBIS (University Library has access to some but not all ABS and IBIS information); 

In relation to the industry have a look at Australian local news and see whats been happening in that particular industry

Market: Australian Securities Exchange (ASX); o Newspapers: Australian Financial Review, other newspapers and business publications (such as BRW) (eg through the Factiva database available through the University


Newsletters issued by stockbrokers and fund managers.

*Note: Students are not expected to purchase industry or company specific reports from commercial suppliers.  Only resources which are available through University Library or on corporate or other websites (or other media such as Newspapers electronically available for example) and which are free of charge are expected to be used. 


Detailed requirements and mark allocation: 

Your report must cover the following:

Company and industry background (2 marks)

In this section you are to tell bit about history of the company and what it sells

Briefly profile Super Retail Group – Its history, financial highlights, other relevant company details and summarise the nature and current state of the industry in which it operates. This section of work will help contextualise the report in terms of key company information and the industry (and wider) environment in which the firm operates.   

History, should include: When and where it started operations, by who, major expansions and acquisitions from then to now; types of products/services it offers, significant business relationships; when listed on the stock exchange

Industry; includes identifying which industry it operates in, an understanding of the state of the industry and identifying major competitors. 


Manual calculation of specific ratios (5 marks)

In this step calculating the ratios of 3 years, so look at the ability of the business to convert those sales to net profit , how are they managing those expenses to increase the profit of the business . there’s also assessment ratio document that I uploaded and you need to look at it as well

The minimum ratios to be manually calculated for each of the 3 years are:

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