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 Description GTGIO assignment: 1. Choose a lecture/textbook topic to write on. Select one or more chapters related to that topic (minimum of 20 pages of GTGIO). 2. Write a 500-700 word essay addressing how the material in your selected GTGIO chapters supplements the assigned lecture/textbook presentation. By “supplement,” I mean ANY of the following: adds new information or perspectives; challenges or contradicts the assigned material; adopts different modes of presentation, etc. 3. Use the following example to format the heading of your essay: Lecture topic: Sexual Arousal GTGIO chapters: 8. The Hymen; 16. Nipples, Nipples, Nipples (these chapter titles may differ from those in the edition that you are using). 4. Include in your essay a brief characterization of the material covered in the text or lecture. Do not regurgitate the material. Summarize what the coverage was and/or what the main points or goals were. Then, characterize in greater detail the material that is presented in the GTGIO. How does it differ from that in lecture/text? Importantly, explain how this GTGIO information causes you (or an average person, or a specified group of people etc) to understand something better (or worse). In other words, evaluate the utility or value of the different perspective of GTGIO. So long as such discussion is related to the essay topic, you are invited (but definitely not required) to describe or comment upon your own reactions, background knowledge, personal experiences, friends’ perspectives etc. 5. Submit the essay through the appropriate TurnItIn Assignment on TritonEd. Note: this means that the essay will be evaluated for textual similarity with published sources and with other student writing. If you quote directly from GTGIO, use appropriate quotation marks. Otherwise, you do not need to provide further citations to this source (you did that in the heading). Except for short quotations, you must use your own words. You may not work with other students on this assignment.

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