Is intelligence a fixed quality, or is it something that can change?

 Essay: Reading response – Haelle article Much of the argument in Haelle’s article rests on how parents view failure, but underpinning that is the question of the nature of intelligence and the learning process: is intelligence a fixed quality, or is it something that can change? The essay should address this question and give at least two or three reasons for your answer. I need a classical argumentative college essay that consists of 1. a hook in the introduction, 2. a little background information, 3. and strong thesis statement with 2-3 aspects which will be discussed in details end evidence in following 2-3 body paragraphs. 4. The conclusion must consist of refutation of those 2-3 aspects that were mentioned in the thesis statement. 5. Also, as an argumentative essay, there should be included opinions, evidence, and examples in order to restate the writer’s point. Use information from the Haelle text to support your reasoning. You have to take only one side of the topic question (agree or disagree) “Is intelligence a fixed quality, or is it something that can change?” Use only Haelle’s article as a source for citations. Use MLA in-text citation – use the page #s from your handout The paper should be formatted in MLA format and should be about 500 words (2 pages) Haelle’s article attached as MS Word document. No Plagiarism Please !!!!

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