Psychology: Teaching a Lesson on Piaget: A Student Teacher Experiment

Create a strong and sufficiently articulated outline for your final course project using the following parts:

• Title.

• Theory and Research Related to Topic: Identify and outline theories and research related to your topic.

• Connection Between Topic and Adult Learners’ Culture, Community, and Society: Find connections between topic and adult learners’ culture, community and society.

• Developmental Characteristics of Adult Learners in Relation to Topic: Outline developmental characteristics of adult learners in relation to topic. • Instructional Methodologies Related to Topic: Explain instructional methodologies related to topic.

• Assessment Methodologies Related to Topic: Explain assessment methodologies related to topic. • Topic and Best Practices for Communication with Adult Learners: Outline your topic and best practices for communicating with adult learners. You will be evaluated on how well you can demonstrate your understanding of the ideas presented in the readings, the discussions, and any outside investigations you make. You will also be evaluated on the quality of your work; its academic rigor, and how well it shows your critical thinking on ideas. For this assignment, an outline format is acceptable.

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