Recommendation of the review was that your police service needs to

You are a newly appointed Chief of a mid-sized Canadian police service. A recent review of the police service that was conducted revealed that the community is unhappy with the level of engagement from front line police officers. Interviews and ride-alongs with officers has revealed that officers are failing to proactively engage with citizens in a positive manner, and have largely become reactive call-takers, moving on from call-to-call. If officers have free time, they are driving around in their patrol cars, unwilling to get out and engage the community. At the same, crime in the area has begun to slowly increase and citizens have expressed concerns and an increasing fear for their safety and security.

The main recommendation of the review was that your police service needs to develop some form of comprehensive community-oriented policing strategy that simultaneously engages the community, while also addressing crime and disorder. As the Chief, it is your responsibility to implement a strategy that is both effective and efficient, while positively engaging the community. The city in which you police has a diverse population, with a variety of different minority groups and immigrant communities. Your strategy needs to be well thought out, based on existing research and in consideration of some of the key themes discussed in the course so far.

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