Description the essay topic is: the romantics had a penchant for gothic and supernatural. draw a parallel between the romantic literature of this genre and modern horror/ fantasy/ science- fiction cinema. Explain the appeal of this kind of fiction and reasons why it remains popular today. the only requirement i have is that this should be the introduction: Though it may seem odd to be comparing the literature of the Romantics to modern-day science fiction, the two are much more similar than many people may realize. The foundations of the two are about as different as two forms of literature can possibly be, but searching deeper between the lines will reveal all the stunning similarities that may not be obvious at first glance. “Based on these observations, it may not be incorrect to say that the Romantics were ancestors of the genre of science fiction. In fact, the Romanticism era work Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is very regularly referred to as the mother of modern-day sci-fi” (Corbett, 2009). with the sentence between quotes as the thesis statement. all 4 sources should come from reliable resources (google scholar) and an outline like the one given in the additional files. the essay should follow the same style as the introduction. if more documents are required for mimicking the writing style just ask


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