Visual Analysis in Digital Forensics

Combine the results of Steps 1 through 5 into a single 10- to 15-page Word file (page count excludes images and references) that contains the following five sections: Description of the problems presented by large volumes of data in forensic investigations, especially the ways that such volumes may cloud the analysis and interpretation of the data, and how relationships, patterns, and key data points may be missed in such cases. Discussion of how visual analytics can help in the analysis of large volumes of data. Make sure that you include specific techniques in visual analysis such as filtering, timeline analysis, link, and statistical analysis. Explanation of the different applications of visual analysis such as link, temporal, and geospatial, with examples of past cases in which visual analysis played a key role. Evaluating visual analytics software and platforms that summarizes and illustrates (with screen captures) the features you learned to use while piloting Maltego. Implementation recommendations, including a cost-benefit analysis.

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