Week 5 position paper: Border Security

Communication is used to inform, to persuade and to analyze. In this Analytic Writing assignment, this essay will be used to analyze both sides of an issue for a fair and objective presentation. If you want to know which citation style to use with your major, consult The APUS Library Style Guide for Majors. If your field uses APA, google Diana Hacker: Sample APA paper to see what an APA paper looks like. If your field uses MLA, then google Diana Hacker: Sample MLA paper to see what a MLA paper looks like. If you want to lower your Turnitin score to avoid plagiarism, you need to know the difference between a direct quote, a paraphrase and a summary. Watch this How to make a Direct quote, a paraphrase and Summary video to learn the difference between the three. Most majors in APUS use the APA format so if you want to learn how to format or write an APA paper, Watch this APA video. Read the Week 6 Overview and the Week 7 Overview for a more detailed explanation of this assignment.

Then,submit your rough draft in the Week 6 forum for a peer to complete his or her peer review of your essay. Then, using their feedback, revise your essay as appropriate and submit your final draft of your analytical essay in the Assignments. What is the difference between the Week 5 Position Paper and the Week 7 Analysis Paper? In the Week 5 Position Paper essay, you wrote about one side of an issue. In the Week 7 Analytical Writing paper, you will write about two sides of an issue in order to sound less biased and in order for your essay to be more objective and balanced. When we talk about one side of an issue, we sound biased to the reader, so to give our paper a more professional, objective and credible tone to the reader, we will write about both sides of an issue. We write both sides of an issue by adding a counterargument and rebuttal paragraph to our 5 paragraph essay structure. To find out more about counterargument and rebuttal paragraphs, Take a look at this counterargument and rebuttal Power Point. Do not use the same topic you used for your Week 5 paper. You have to choose another debatable topic from your field for this paper. Analysis Essay Structure Make sure each paragraph has 5 to 7 sentences. Your introduction paragraph should include a hook (first sentence to grab the reader’s attention); then 5 to 7 supporting sentences to tell why the thesis is important. Then your thesis is the last sentence of the first paragraph. Watch this Introduction and Conclusion paragraph video to learn how to write your Introduction and conclusion paragraphs. Example thesis: Milk is healthy because Reason 1, Reason 2 and Reason 3. Para 2: Reason 1 Para 3: Reason 2 Para 4:Reason 3 Para 5: Counterargument paragraph (Write about the other side)–Milk is not healthy because arming teachers with guns will help deter mass school shootings because….) Para 6:Rebuttal paragraph (Go back to your argument that milk is healthy and rebut the other side point by point) Para 7: Conclusion Example thesis: Milk is healthy because it aids in appetite control, it increases bone development, and it increases heart health.

Para 2: Milk aids in appetite control. Para 3: Drinking milk increases bone development in children. Para 4: Milk increases heart health in adults. Para 5: Counterargument–argue the other side–Milk is not healthy because it may have growth hormones and added antibiotics. Milk is not healthy because it can cause skin conditions such as eczema and acne. Para 6: Rebuttal argument–return to your argument–Despite milk’s drawbacks, the overall benefits of drinking milk outweighs the risks because–then rebut the other side. Para 7: Conclusion When we write the conclusion paragraph, just restate the thesis statement as the first sentence in the last paragraph. Then, for your conclusion paragraph, write 5 sentences highlighting the main points of the essay without adding new information and give the reader pointers on what to do or think next pertaining to your topic. Watch this Introduction and Conclusion paragraph video to learn how to write your conclusion paragraphs.

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