Case Study on post-deployment mental health problems

The purpose of this case study assignment is to encourage the theoretical conceptualization of post-deployment mental health problems. You will be introduced to some theories of psychopathology in this course. Please consider these and other psychological theories that help our understanding of mental health problems. Like a good road map, a well-grounded theoretical understanding of mental health problems can be especially helpful in those moments when you might be uncertain how to proceed to be helpful to a particular individual or family. But, all the theory in the world is just an intellectual exercise unless it can be applied in a compassionate, experiential way to an actual human being. Ultimately, the goal of a case study is to bring together the theoretical element with the human element to help relieve a person’s suffering and help them heal. Develop your own case (you may use another as a guide). The case should reflect a co-morbidity of symptoms for the Military member, Military couple or Veteran. You should, in detail, describe the case and the referral to you as a counselor. This is an assessment, not a treatment plan. Use the DSM-V to identify the symptoms and your initial assessment and tentative diagnosis. This should be a 2-3 page (800-1,200 word) theoretical discussion of the mental health issues in the case you chose, and your assessment. This is not a treatment plan( mentioned twice for emphasis!) Please write consistently with APA style (see here for some quick tips on APA style, and it is highly recommended that you purchase the latest APA style guide). Please see the case study rubric for the grading criteria. Case Study 1 will contribute 15% to your course grade. Due February 3 by 11:55 PM. The sections of a case study are as follows:

1) background information about the individual/Client(1-3 paragraphs).

2) possible diagnosis,(remember – comorbidity) including reference to the symptoms experienced by the individual (1-3 paragraphs) 3) Describe the theories chosen (choose 1-3 theories) to illuminate the individual’s mental health issues, and briefly mention why those theories are helpful (1-2 paragraphs).

4) Describe and analyze how the theories can be applied to this particular individual in a detailed way, focusing on specific symptoms as they apply to this individual’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviors, physiology relationships, etc…. Feel free to add personal details to your case description where they are lacking (e.g. “if this individual was found to demonstrate a fear of trash on the roadside, social cognitive theory can help understand how this fear developed in that…). This section should be the bulk of the case study (1-2 pages). 5) Describe and analyze how the theories you chose could be used as a guide to develop and implement a counseling treatment plan (1-several paragraphs).

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