Managing and Co-ordinating the Human Resources Function

Provide a written response to the tasks set out below. In doing so you should consider different organisational models (for example a public authority, a nationwide private company, an SME in your town, and a voluntary organisation in your community).

Activity 1 (1000 words for activity one divided equally among questions)

Question 1: Explain the different ways in which HR objectives can be delivered in organisations.

Question 2: What is the business case for delivering the HR function in a professional, ethical and just manner?

Question 3: Set out and explain at least three criteria that might be used to evaluate the contribution of the HR function, and at least two key methods used to do this.

To Pass activity one follow the following: You should be able to show your knowledge of the different functions of HR and link these to the achievement of organisational goals and objectives. There should be a discussion on how HR needs to be an integral part of the business. When examining the ethical practice aspect candidates should refer to the CIPD Professional Code of Conduct and discuss promotion of equality, employee wellbeing as well as ensuring the organisation complies with legal requirements – within the context of a business case. This means demonstrating an understanding of value for money, cost-effectiveness, improving organisational effectiveness, meeting customer needs and improving workers performance and capability. You should set out at least three criteria for evaluating HR contribution – contribution towards sustainable business success; promoting good employee relations; developing skills and talent that have contributed to successful organisational change; achieving high performing organisation status – are examples that might be used. The methods that students might evaluate this should include more than two of the following; KPIs; HR metrics; benchmarking with other companies/sector surveys; risk management analysis; staff survey; service level agreements.

Activity 2 (1000 words for activity two divided equally among questions) Question 1: Summarise the organisational objectives that the HR function is responsible for delivering and how these are revolving in contemporary organisations. Question 2: Focus on the HR function and analyse how the HR function varies between three organisations in different sectors and of different sizes. To Pass activity two follow the following: You must show how the HR function varies between organisations in different sectors and of different sizes. The differences between at least three types of specific organisation should be discussed. There are plenty of local authorities, quangos, well known national private companies (national and international) and with some local research successful SMEs and voluntary groups. The content can include size of organisation; governance (charity/partnership/ltd company), functions; structure; organisational culture. The different extent of the HR function and its influence should be identified – no distinct HR function; small admin HR team; outsourced or external consultancy; large multi-disciplinary HR function.

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