Ovid, Metamorphoses [8 CE]: “Prologue – the Creation”

Please make an argument in this essay from the readings and it will be the topic thank you reading material, they will be Ovid, Metamorphoses [8 CE]: “Prologue – the Creation” Plato, Timaeus [ca. 360 BCE] Virgil, The Georgics [ca 30 BCE]. Trans. David Ferry (Farrar, Strauss, and Giroux, 2005), 3-19 Indra Kagis McEwan, “Daedalus and the Discovery of Order,” in Socrates’ Ancestor: an essay on architectural beginnings (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1993), 41–56 George Hersey, “Architecture and Sacrifice,” in The Lost Meaning of Classical Architecture (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1988), 11–45 You can choose only 3 of these reading material above to write the essay under this is our professor’s announcement So far in this class we have read a number of texts that express ideas about the relationship between order and human activity/culture/civilization.

In Plato and Ovid, we read accounts of the ordering of the universe out of a primordial chaos. In Indra McEwan’s “Daedalus and the Discovery of Order,” we saw how the ancient Greeks considered craft and making as expressions of kosmos (order). Virgil’s Georgics also placed human beings in relation to a natural (but divinely-created) order; for Virgil as for Hesiod, there is a rationale for why human beings must struggle. George Hersey sees the orders of classical architecture as reflecting ritual practices done to honour the gods; the gods themselves are part of the divine-human order, within which we are placed and which shapes our lives (including the tendency to see human events as influenced by the gods; think of the Iliad and the Odyssey). With reference to any 3 texts we have read in this course, write a short essay describing the relationship between human activity and order in classical thought. * You may have your course texts open on your desk, along with a page of brief jot-notes for memory’s sake (but not a full essay written in advance). * Your essay must include direct page references and quotes from your chosen texts. * Paper will be provided. Bring writing implements.

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