Peer review articles of research

Select two articles from the list below and in 1-2 pages single-spaced (per article) address the following: Include the full reference for the article using the writing style specific to your program on the title page. Criminal Justice = APA International Relations, National Security, Military Studies, and Intelligence Studies = Turabian. Since multiple writing styles are in use within this course, on your title page, please note which style you are using within your assignment. This will help me cater my comments to the style you are using. The style you use need to be the one that is used within your program of study. State the main goal(s) of the study Summarize the research design, and discuss the research method(s) used to answer the research question or assess the hypothesis. Summarize the results of the study.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the study’s research design. Provide a discussion on how the study can be moved forward. For example, how can the methods be used in your own research proposal?

In what other research might these methods apply? Include two well phrased research questions that could be used in follow-on studies to the one reviewed. Format: You should have 1-inch margins on all 4 sides of your papers; your title page should include your name and date; you should use 12-point times new roman font throughout. 

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