Select any American microeconomic current event or market occurring

This first paper assignment consists of three (3) questions which should be saved and submitted as a single Word file or rich text format document (double-spaced). Each should be about 2 pages, with the total length between 6 – 7 pages [Maximum]. No references nor internet sources are required as this work is entirely based on your own critical thinking and ability to apply what you have learned so far from the course. If the essays are not in your own words, little credit will be earned. [Please make sure that your choice of current events is not one already covered / duplicated in any of the Case Studies or Discussions!] You need choose your own.

Necessary Steps:

(1) For each essay, write & underline a meaningful thesis statement in the first paragraph for each question to describe the main idea and purpose of the essay. (2) Then in each succeeding paragraph, describe as many separate microeconomic concepts or theories which apply to your chosen topic and explain its relevance. (3) In the final paragraph, develop a meaningful conclusion which you can draw from the topic. The best papers will integrate the course material effectively with your choice of events / firms / or markets:

1. Select any American microeconomic current event or market occurring this quarter (and not covered by Discussions or any Case Study in the Modules) to analyze.

2. Select any foreign (non-American) current microeconomic event or market to analyze in light of our course material.

3. Watch the entire video which is linked in Module #6: Episode II, “The Agony of Reform,” from The Commanding Heights. This is about the transition process towards capitalism in selected emerging economies. Develop an analysis / overview (~ 2 pages) of the major micro economic lessons learned from the various calamities in Bolivia, Chile, India, and Poland. What knowledge from the first half of this course provides some explanation of their problems and solutions for policymakers?

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