Directions: Answer all questions, each answer to each numbered question should be 500-1000 words. Please break up arguments into paragraphs so it’s easier to follow. Please add a citations page if you can, paper can be MLA or APA, just try to directly answer each of the questions and elaborate. Thank you! 1. National Socialism’s rise to power was deeply tied to propaganda. Please discuss the ways that they used innovative techniques to get their message out. Also please address the role of artists, intellectuals, designers and media in the rise of this regime. 2. America is changing demographically. How does that impact messaging for companies to appeal to the new consumer base? How has this new marketing challenge is different than in the past, and might change in the future? 3. Free speech and professional media have been critical to our democracy. How is the media changing, as well as attitudes towards free speech? Does the new age require more restrictions on speech and access to sites like Facebook or Twitter? Is the social media part of our political crisis in America or is it a possible solution.


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