Scientists Are Teaching the Body to Accept New Organs

Paper details Introduction/Rationale: Being able to analyze information given to us is a critical and most vital skill in an age where information is being spread irresponsibly with the touch of a button. It’s easy to click “like” or “share” something if we feel that it supports our own agendas/opinions; however, oftentimes it is this exact information that we need to be the most critical of. But, it doesn’t matter if it is a serious matter, or something less serious…being able to interpret everything that makes a document “tick” will help you to be a more critical thinker and stand out from the crowd.

Assignment Prompt:

Locate an article from any news source. The article must be sufficient length and meet my approval (to ensure that it will provide you with the criteria necessary for a thorough analysis). The article can be on any subject; however, make sure that it is something that you will be able to address with an objective and critical eye. If you are incapable of stepping back and looking objectively at the topic/article, you will be asked to choose a new article. Using what we learn in class about analysis, the rhetorical situation and appeals, write a detailed analysis of your article which culminates in an evaluative claim about the author’s ability/inability to produce a persuasive/ethical argument. Minimum Requirements: Length (4+ COMPLETE pages) Explicit thesis stating the goal of the essay and mention of your final claim Detailed and concise summary of article Identification of type of argument Complete identification and analysis of the rhetorical situation Complete identification and analysis of the rhetorical appeals Final conclusion Proper MLA format Minimal Grammatical Mistakes. (outline) Introduction: Describe the nature of the conversation surrounding this TOPIC. Who is talking about it? Where do people who talk about it tend to do so? What role do the rhetorical elements play in the creation of a text? 


*NOTE: Yes, this is a fill in the blank kinda thing…feel free to word in however sounds best to you…but it should state the purpose of the essay and hint at your evaluation of the success of the article. Summary: Provide a detailed and thorough summary of the article. Make sure it’s detailed enough to stand alone. The Rhetorical Situation: Write a complete and detailed paragraph that explicitly identifies all seven of the rhetorical situation and analyzes their effectiveness and appropriateness in supporting the author’s claim. The Rhetorical Appeals: Write at least one paragraph for each of the three appeals: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos that does the following: identify multiple examples of the appeals within the text, discuss why you feel the author used those appeals in the way they did, and what impact you feel those examples had on the overall success of the article. Conclusion: Your conclusion will primarily summarize your overall essay and end with an evaluation of whether or not you feel the author built a successful argument based on the analysis you provided.

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