Case Study: Introducing Scrum at P2P

This assignment is a case study. You will be presented with information concerning a company facing a situation that requires at least one decision to be made. Read the case and use the course material and your additional research to write a short paper that briefly identifies the issues and proposes a solution that includes a justification for your choice. This case is the Introducing Scrum at P2P. It can be found at the end of Chapter 17 of your textbook in the case section after the blue pages. Additional questions have been added, so please use the textbook only for the case material and not the assignment. To complete the assignment follow the steps below: Read the Introducing Scrum at P2P case at the end of Chapter 17. Create a paper responding to the following questions (ignore the questions in the textbook and only answer these questions): Critique the effectiveness of Scrum at P2P. What was successful and what was unsuccessful? Was this the best choice for Agile Project Management for this company? Why or why not? Offer specifics. Consider you are Kendra, and you were faced with the challenges presented in the case. Should she have spoken up to Prem Gupta? What should she have said? If you were training a new project manager to take over a project like the one Prem Gupta is in charge of in the case, what would you tell your employee? Why? Write a 3 page paper in Word format. Use the American Psychological Association (APA) style (6th edition) for writing your assignment.

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