Culture and Ethnic Studies: Paper Assignment, HAVC 30, Western Art

Write a 3-4 page paper (minimum 3, maximum 4, not including images) on the two images above. One the left, the Laussel relief, which dates from around 25,000 BCE; on the right, the so-called ‘Horned God’ from Enkomi, dating from around 1200 BCE. How are they possibly similar and how possibly different in function?

We know little about them, and they are enigmatic objects, but do the best you can to formulate a thesis around how they may exemplify changes in culture in Mediterranean cultures. Bring in comparative images / objects (from Minoan culture perhaps?) to make your points about these two sculptures. Try to connect them to religion and ideas about religion in the Mediterranean. Be sure to review the Paper assignment pdf. which includes the pictures. And also the additional writing resources 

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