Legislative Issue: Dreamer Act/Daca

The purpose of this multi-part assignment is to develop competence on a given policy in:

● researching social policy legislation;

● analyzing bodies of legislation related to a particular issue;

● developing and articulating recommendations; and providing written and oral testimony in a succinct manner. This assignment is an ongoing assignment. After the Draft approval from the instructor then the final section and recommendation will be added.

Part B – Issue Brief – Draft= Dreamer Act/DACA Once your topic is approved, write a Policy Brief of 2 pages. Students must highlight, whenever appropriate, how Hispanics and Latinos are affected. Include the following sections: Title of the Policy Brief Executive Summary (One or two paragraphs) Importance of the Problem Critique of Policy Option(s) Policy Recommendation Appendices References Part C – Issue Brief – Final After receiving draft feedback from your instructor, address the issues and finalize your brief. Remember:Appeal – policy-makers are busy people and are not specialist in your area. Therefore, make your brief attractive, interesting, short and easy to read.

● Professionalism – The brief must be research-based and not opinion -based. Excellent writing is emphasized by the expectation that any work that is produced will be free from errors and properly cited utilizing APA guidelines Papers turned in lacking clarity and logic and having numerous grammatical errors will be returned without credit Part D – Testimony 1 page After submitting your brief, prep are a short written/Oral ( THE ORAL SECTION WILL BE DONE BY THE STUDENT JUST DO THE WRITTEN SECTION PLEASE) The written testimony should align with and reflect th at the oral testimony is to be about three (3) minutes long. Play the role of a social worker providing test imony in front of legislative committee members who will vote on a bill. Written Testimony: In a succinct document, include the following:

● Your name and where you are located (city/state)

● A title ● State whether you support or oppose the proposed legislation and why ● Use the bill number and title of the bill (Example: HB 1234 An Act Concerning Firearms) ● Summarize your recommendation, then explain your rationale

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