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For this project, you will identify a current Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) issue. For example, it could be a usability or design issue that is related to an interface’s or a product’s human-computer interaction. The issue you select will be addressed through the lens of User Experience (UX).


This is a research-based project. You will identify an HCI issue and do a search to find research articles and researchers that have previously discussed the issue. In the articles, we will find the author’s point of view (even if it is different). Not all of them have to address the issue in the same way or agree on a solution. This is why we are doing a research-based project, so we can analyze the research that has been conducted and, based on that, get a conclusion.

For this project, you will analyze, synthesize, and evaluate past and current trends, challenges, and/or opportunities in the field of HCI and develop a 10-page report on a selected area. You will need to find enough information to complete all the sections in this project. The framework you will use to create your report is as follows:

  1. Statement of the Problem
  2. Identification of the Issue
  3. Overview/Definition
  4. Assumptions
  5. Arguments For
  6. Arguments Against
  7. Analysis of the Issue based on UX
  8. Personal Position and Suggestions for Problem Solving


Statement of the Problem

Think in terms of a need and then reflect on what problems or discrepancies exist around that need. What is the reality versus the ideal?


Identification of the Issue

The issue should be stated as a question. State what the question or issue for your project is. It must be a Yes/No answer question. A good idea is to start the question with the word “Should…?”. In order to identify the issue, consider the following characteristics:

It has two sides (Yes or No?)

It is publicly debated

It is perceived as important

It is current

It has a possible resolution


For example:

Should left-handed people use different keyboards?

Should tablets be used by visually impaired people?

Should cars be driven by robots?



Provide the history of the background of the problem. Include definitions of non-common terms, a description of the discrepancy that exists, and explain the need that you found related to this problem..


Here, talk about the assumptions that exist for the issue. Is there any information that we take for granted? Assumptions may come from philosophical or religious beliefs, scientific theory, social or personal values or experiences.

Arguments For and Against

In this section, discuss all the information you found from articles and researchers. Include quotes from the articles and explain why the author has this or that position. Include as much information as you can. This will make your research on the Issues paper more solid. Don’t forget to add citations (APA Style). .

Analysis of the Issue based on UX

Use what you have previously discussed in the paper to analyze the issue through the lens of User Experience (UX). How close is the issue you identified to the factors in the chart? Talk about it in terms of Accessibility, Findability, Usability. How Credible, Valuable, and Desirable is the product/interface?


The 7 Factors that Influence User Experience


Personal Position and Suggestions for Problem Solving

Up to this point, you have already discussed valuable information related to the issue you selected. Include here your personal position and define if you are For or Against the problem. Do you agree or disagree with what you have discussed so far? Use your own arguments and include suggestions you have to solve the problem.

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