Paper #3:Practitioner Interview Synopsis

Description Paper #3: Practitioner Interview Synopsis Rationale: The second assignment is to gain direct perspectives about an organizational or institutional setting where you aim to pursue a professional role. Those who currently work within an organization can provide important information about conditions that relate to pursuit of an entry-level position. Considerations include: organizational goals and structures, climate and norms, typical challenges that newcomers face, factors that promote success or failure and specific qualifications that such an organization usually requires for the type of position you hope to obtain. The Task Arrange for an interview with someone who works in an organizational setting that houses the professional role you identified in your Professional Development Plan. The interviewee can be someone who currently holds the professional role you are seeking or someone who is familiar with that role in the organization. Conduct the thorough face-to-face interview at the work setting. Arrange, if possible, to have your interviewee introduce you to the professional work context. Write a summary of your observations and of the information and impressions you obtained. Use the following questions to facilitate starting your interview: ~ What are the organization’s overall goals, roles, processes and structures? ~ What role does the interviewee perform for the organization? ~ What is his/her history with the organization? ~ How would he/she describe the organizational climate and its impact on their performance of the role? ~ What challenges should a new person in the organization expect to face in the first 90 days in their role? ~ What does your interviewee recommend for you as you aspire to obtain the professional role identified in your Professional Development Plan? ~ What specific readings would he/she recommend to you? ~ What are your impressions of this particular work setting? In what ways is it typical, and atypical, of work settings for this role? In addition to summarizing the information obtained from your observations and interview, your paper should 1) discuss implications for your professional development plan and 2) include an analysis of how the internal climate and conditions may challenge you if you were to obtain a professional position in this organization. The paper should be (single space 2 pages). Evaluation Criteria 1) Quality of the Interview: Was the person you chose to interview appropriate for your professional interests? Were you able to obtain relevant information about the professional role you want to pursue? 2) Insight: Does your analysis help you to clarify your understanding of the professional role you want to pursue? Do you offer useful reflections about how you would need to adapt to the climate and professional role in this organization? 3) Clarity: Is the paper well-organized, easy to follow and clearly written? Has the paper been proofed effectively? use APA style and do not write long sentence.

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