Assume you were counseling people with the following presenting

Assume you were counseling people with the following presenting problems. 


My fear is that I am empty and vacant inside. I’ve never really had to look at myself before now, but since my husband left me, I am lost. I feel deserted, abandoned, isolated, and fear that I cannot make it alone. I depended on him to give me a sense of worth, and now that he’s gone, I just feel a void. 


So rarely do I feel calm. I feel anxious basically from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed. I’m able to work and handle all of my family responsibilities, but the anxiety always seems to be there, like an unwanted visitor. What can I do to get some relief?


When I hear about all of the terrible things that are happening in the world (mass shootings and hate crimes, terrorism, poverty, and homelessness), I get so sad. I’ve started sleeping more and doing fewer things with my friends. I’m afraid they are going to stop inviting me to things because I’ve canceled so often lately.  

Read each of the three scenarios and then address the following questions for each person from a Cognitive-Behavioral perspective in a 500-700 word essay.

· What cognitive and/or behavioral issues are involved?

· What would be your counseling goals (i.e., change the cognitive schema, improve behavior, etc. ) for each of these persons?

· What two specific CBT techniques could you use (Give examples)? (For example, Socratic dialog, behavioral activation, psychoeducation, etc.) 

· This discussion should be 500-700 words (+/- 200 words per scenario).

· You may use chapter ten of your textbook as one source.

This discussion post requires three scholarly sources. One source can be your textbook. Use peer-reviewed journal articles from the UWA online library for additional sources. Website sources will not be accepted.

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