Prompt: Apply Allport’s, Cattell’s, or Eysenck’s theories to the

Prompt: Apply Allport’s, Cattell’s, or Eysenck’s theories to the

Week 5 Case Conceptualization

Download Week 5 Case Conceptualization

. You are being asked to conceptualize this case by explaining how this person’s current personality dynamics and presenting problems have developed, what is helping to maintain them in the present, and how treatment might influence their prognosis. In addition to considering how the theory might explain their personality, also discuss what treatment and/or assessments the theorist might recommend based on their presentation. Be sure to consider cultural background when formulating your conceptualization. Refer to the articles in Week 1 if you need help understanding case conceptualization and how it works.

Initial Post

· Integrate at least one peer-reviewed journal article from the last five years into your post to support your response

· Initial posts are expected to be at least 300 words

· Provide in-text citations and references at the end of your post in APA format

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