Running head: TITLE HERE IN CAPS 1 TITLE HERE IN CAPS 3 Title of Paper Your name Liberty University Title of

Running head: TITLE HERE IN CAPS 1


Title of Paper

Your name

Liberty University

Title of Paper

Your section of paper is the introduction where you gain interest, relate the topic to your audience and then give a preview or thesis statement. This section will be 1-2 paragraphs. A paragraph is four to six sentences. You do NOT use the word “Introduction”. You will develop a
8-page paper (not including title page, abstract, and references). The paper will be in
APA format.
Sources should be CURRENT (within 7 years). At least
3 scholarly sources are to be used
in addition to the textbooks.

In academic writing, we limit the use of first person. You can state your points without an overuse of I, me, my or myself. This is an important skill to learn as you move toward the development of your program thesis. All citations are to be in correct APA format. An abstract is not necessary for this paper.

Cultural History

Sexuality and My Family of Origin

Consider how sexuality was handled in your family of origin. Consider those people, relationships and influences that helped shape your attitudes/values about your body, masculinity/femininity and sex at various points of your development (elementary, high school, etc.). This overall section should be at least two (2) pages.

Development of Attitudes, Values and Priorities

Recall messages or incidents that created some of your attitudes, values and priorities. Consider situations that brought insight and growth and those that have provided woundedness. (Do NOT give a specific narrative or graphic details of the incident, but rather a broad view. For example: I was sexually abused as a child would be appropriate. It would not be appropriate to give specific details to that sexual abuse in this paper. That might be what you have journaled, but you will give a more broad approach in the paper.

Current Beliefs or Attitudes

Impact of Early Sexual Experiences

Reflect on how early sexual experiences impacted you to form your current beliefs. Again, no graphic or specific details are necessary, keep a broad approach.

Messages That Created My View of Sexuality

Reflect on the messages you absorbed to create your worldview of sexuality. Consider any unfinished business that may need healing or further growth. This overall section will be 2-3 pages.

Impacts on Role as Counselor

Literature Review on Dealing With My Past

What does scholarly data say about the importance of dealing with your past and possible lies you have believed from the enemy? How will your journey help or hinder your work with clients?

God’s View on Dealing With My Past

Do you have any views or beliefs that do not match scripture and God views? What steps will you take to ensure you have allowed God to heal all the wounds? What steps will you take to ensure any lies you have believed, now begin to line with God’s truth?

Impact on My Role As a Counselor

Connect your journey to your future and/or current work as a counselor.
It is critical that you address how your sexual journey will impact your role as a counselor. For example, what will it be like for you to work with certain problems (particularly those that are sexual in nature)? How do you plan to ask sexual questions?

Steps to Ensure My Healing

What steps will you take to ensure you have allowed God to heal all the wounds and bring truth to the lies? This overall section will be 3-4 pages.


Be sure to have a conclusion on your paper. A conclusion should summarize your main points and provide closer to your paper. There should never be NEW information in a conclusion. This section should be 1-3 paragraphs.


Balswick, J., & Balswick, J. (2019).
Authentic human sexuality: An integrated Christian approach (3rd ed). Intervarsity Press.

McIlhaney, J., & McKissic Bush, F. (2019).
Hooked: New science on how casual sex is affecting our children (2nd ed). Northfield.

Slattery, J. (2018).
Rethinking Sexuality. Multnomah.

Add or delete sources as needed.

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