International Finance

1. Discuss different ways that dominant investors use to establish and maintain the control of the company with relatively small investments. 2. Following corporate scandals and failures in the U.S. and abroad, there is a growing demand for corporate governance reform. What should be the key objectives of corporate governance reform? What kind of obstacles […]

International Market Assessment for Lidl or John Lewis

International marketing essentially relates to marketing operations in a new country or market. The purpose of this assignment is to assess student ability to determine attractive international market using key analytical tools learned in this module. You are to assume the role as an international marketing consultant either for the German hard discounter company called […]

Convergence within International Employment

Evidence suggests that national employment patterns across the world are converging. Many critics though tend to disagree. Critically discuss if employment patterns at a national level are indeed converging, and use theory (culture, institutions, varieties of capitalism and up-to-date research of national convergence/divergence) and examples of specific patterns (e.g. voice) to support your answer.   […]

Has strategic-level international intelligence cooperation and/or

 A basic concept for my dissertation: 1. Has strategic-level international intelligence cooperation and/or intelligence liaison improved intelligence operations improved since 1944? Five eyes was intelligence sharing after World War 2 between US, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Now it is much larger. What are the difficulties in intelligence cooperation and/or intelligence liaison following the […]

Education and International Development

Description Title:- The role of quality education in post apartheid South Africa 1) The issue of reproduction of inequalities from generation to generation, the nexus with structural inequalities, and the role of race and land ownership is important to investigate in the context of SA. See structuralist and reproduction thesis arguments (Foucault et al) which […]

International management

Description Your firm will expand internationally this year and will include in its management team those from the cultures and regions into which it expands. You must prepare the management team to adapt and change the American management training to fit those of other cultures. Put together a slide presentation for the management team, explaining […]

Culture & International HRM

Description Module 1 – SLP CULTURE AND INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT For the Session Long Project for this class, first choose a country interests you other than the United States (you need to learn about another culture other than your home culture for this assignment). You can pick any country you want other than the […]

Project One: Going International

Description Project One: Going International Worth 25 points, due in Week 3 Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is for you to analyze the major challenges in choosing to do business internationally. Development of critical thinking, acquired knowledge of international business and business entry is a focus of this assignment. Research and analytical skills are […]

International Issues Paper Instructions– Anthro 41a/ IS 11

You are required to turn in a one paragraph summary explaining which recent international event you INTEND to write your paper on to your TA on the evening of Feb. 11 (the night of the midterm). Please be sure there are a sufficient number of newspaper articles from different sources available to support your topic […]

Assignment – 1 MGT-321 Introduction to International Business

Assignment-1 Please read Case 4: “Will China Continue to Be a Growth Marketplace?” available in your textbook, and answer the following questions: ·        Assignment Questions: 1.     Will China maintain its strong economic growth in the years to come? Some suggest it will until 2050. What do you think?   2.     If China will go from […]