Oral Language chart of phone conversation

Instructions In an APA formatted paper, paste the template found in doc. sharing. Define each of the terms and then watch the video of two children talking on the phone. Rate the language development of one of the two children in the video found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sL3vqlHabck Use the SOLOM. Using the language development stage chart […]

Discuss how the field of Speech Language Pathology can be incorporated

The 21st Century offers diverse opportunities and challenges for an SLP within a global society. Choose one or two areas of interest from the following list and discuss how the field of Speech Language Pathology can be incorporated within your chosen area of interest; what you believe you can contribute, and what you need to […]

Sensory-grounded Language

Describe an experience, or an object, or some objects (not too many) in strictly sensory-grounded language. describe what is or was happening entirely in terms of what can be seen, heard, touched, smelled or tasted. recommend avoiding interpersonal experiences or any experience too strongly charged with positive or negative emotion, as these almost invariably bring […]

Body Language Decoded

Cite the textbook- After watching the film titled “Body Language Decoded” you will write about nonverbal communication. Video can be found at Seattle Central Library Films on Demand. After watching the film discuss the questions below. Provide examples from the film and include concepts from Chapter 4 to support your answers. Include in-text parenthetical citation, […]

Second language acquisition (Effective use of L1)

Include following points. -Brief summary of your topic (The topic is “Students’ views regarding the use of L1 in EFL classroom in Japan & study in maximizing target language use”) -Provisional Research Questions. (What are the students’ views on L1 use? Which is the preference of using the L1 or L2 in teaching and language […]

Texting and Language

 After reading Chapter 3 (section 3.2) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. about Texting and watching John McWhorter’s Ted Talk (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., discuss “Is Texting hurting our Verbal Communication” — section 3.2 of textbook: What effects, if any, do you think textese has had on […]

Language, Identity & Power

Critical linguists (e.g. Fairclough, 1989, 1995, Van Dijk, 1989, Wodak, 2011) argue that the media has the power to represent, construct and challenge particular identities. They function ideologically in their production of meanings and their construction of power relations; selecting what to make salient or what to silence. They therefore have the power to mediate […]

Critical Discourse Analysis & Language Ideologies

Topic of the research paper: Write about the Critical Discourse Analysis theory and methodology in general and analyze what discourse models (or ‘language ideologies’) are and what their role is. PS to the writer: Please use the provided pdf materials in your research paper (and any other relevant materials you wish). Please be very specific […]

The Influence of Bilingualism/Foreign Language Learning on Chinese

The Influence of Bilingualism/foreign language learning on Chinese College Students The influence of foreign langauge education on Chinese college students -foreign language learning/ education policy -student learning experience 1, 1. Introduction and Problem Statement (4 pages) -talk about history and background of currently situation of China college bilingual education / my research questions: By comparing […]

Second Language Teaching Philosophy

As a class synthesis, students are to write a short essay, detailing their informed second language teaching philosophy. Students may refer to the following points as prompts: conception of language and language acquisition, a description of how you perceive a second language can be best taught, and an articulation of the goals you wish to […]